Easy Excel Consolidation, Analysis, Reporting & Dashboarding
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Be a master of Excel spreadsheets

Xcelential Professional Edition (Xcelential Pro) makes it easy to:

  • Consolidate data from many Excel spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet
  • Analyze the data in Excel pivot tables
  • Report the results of your analysis in presentation-quality Excel worksheets and charts
  • Display the key charts and tables on a dashboard


View your Excel spreadsheets on a dashboard

Are you struggling with a daily overdose of Excel spreadsheets?

Xcelential™ Standard Edition (Xcelential SE) prioritizes the voluminous data in the Excel spreadsheets you work with, so you can focus on making decisions and doing your job.

Don’t overlook critical data and charts from all your spreadsheets because of a tight schedule. See them all at a glance.

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Use Cases

Job Security Tip

Personal Excel Dashboard

Can you enhance job security with an Excel dashboard from Xcelential? Here's a 5-step way to win attention from your boss with a daily Excel dashboard. Business analysts are often asked to create an "Excel operational dashboard report" for a group of managers. Typically, the "dashboard" becomes an unwieldy report that is many screens long -- too clumsy to serve its purpose. Xcelential allows each manager to work from a personal dashboard ...
Key Features

Fight Information Overload from Excel Spreadsheets

Auto-updates Dashboards from Excel Spreadsheets

Most Excel spreadsheets are overly detailed. What you need to see first is the big picture ...

New versions of Excel spreadsheets are created and sent to you by email, by folders on network drives, or by other means. Xcelential can automatically check if a new version of an Excel spreadsheet has arrived, fetch the file for you, and update the dashboard ...